We’ve uncovered a proven way to get your organization on the growth track
and keep it there.

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Benefits of Our Programs

Having helped start, grow, and sustain dental practices, we're here to tell you there is a map with proven steps.

Which lifecycle stage are you in?

Every organization follows a predictable
path through seven lifecycle stages. The
first step toward growth is identifying which
stage your organization is in and then
choosing which stage you want to reach.

What leadership styles do you need?

High-quality team-based decision-
making is essential for high-performing
teams who desire to achieve and sustain
scale. But it's simply not possible without the right balance of leadership styles.

Which strategies will work?

Most organizations get stuck by doing
the right thing at the wrong time. While
most great strategies could be helpful,
growth is achieved by focusing on those few strategies, which are essential.

Learn the ins and outs of operations and opportunities. 

Each week you'll get insight, action steps, and support through our weekly email. We'd love for you to keep in touch with us! 

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Each week we deliver real valuable action steps that you can immediately apply to your operations and insightful discussions on opportunity from other CEO Doctors and those that support our mission!

Why Do You Need To Invest In Your Internal Team? 

In short, it's not possible to be the Chief-Of-Everything and be able to effectively grow and sustain your practice. 

Much discussion and debate is out there about the benefits of investing in emerging leaders. Why shouldn't I hire a seasoned expert? When is it the right time? It’s a conversation I love to have because having the right people in the right roles is a huge asset to a growing dental organization.

But too many founders wait too long to bring up their emerging leaders and soon many organizations get stuck and get can't pass the crucial growth (and transitional) stage. 

That's why we are determined to change the business landscape and give you the right people at the right time.

Features of Our Program

The secret sauce. A complete TRANSFORMATION of your emerging leaders to executives.

IMPLEMENTATION of the proven framework to bring unparalleled support, service, and reliability to your partnership. 

The transformation and implementation are sustained through powerful SUPPORT through high-level coaching unique to your practice.

"Because I was trying to handle every aspect of my business, I always had trouble with burnout and couldn't see a different way. With the Providers DOO program, I learned how to re-position myself as the Visionary and it's improved my practice immensely."

Dr. Smith
Owner/General Dentist

"Char was very attentive and really listened to our needs. She worked very hard to help resolve our challenges."

Dr. Haag
Owner/General Dentist

"Char came into our office and helped our practice become so much more efficient. We increased our revenue within the first 30 days! I could not have done this position without Char. She would be an asset to any company that needed consulting!"

Chauncee B.
Certified DOO

"Anyone who is trying to further their career should look into this program. Not only does it enhance your knowledge as a dental professional, it engages your mind in ways that it may have not engaged before. It shows you how to relate to people, processes and procedures. But most of all it prepares you to be a #2- a necessary part of the executive team. Definitely check out, and then commit to this program!"

Elaina Benitez
Certified DOO

Grow + Scale Your Practice With Your Own Team With The Right Structure.

You can’t grow the way you want by doing everything yourself. It's time to elevate the traditional path to success and leverage the strengths of your team. They will step into their role with the skills and core strengths needed to help you succeed.


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