This isn't just another Office Manager Training Program. 

The Providers DOO™️ certification program is the beginning of building the executive leadership team you need to expand your vision and grow your organization. 

If you are on the path towards growth another Office Manager training program isn't going to give you that missing piece to really develop the operational side of your practice.

Your role as the CEO is to hold the Vision and build a team that wants to support you and that Vision; If you are also carrying the roles of Strategy, Management, and Implementation you'll eventually hit your ceiling. If you envision having someone who can run the day-to-day while helping you to grow, this may be the best next step for you. 

The Providers DOO™️ philosophy is simple: 
We focus on quantifying executive caliber by equipping Office Managers with the skills and core strengths of business management, high-level strategy, and operational efficiency to become a Director Of Operations. 

What can you expect from having a Director Of Operations?


1: People

DOO's heavily manage the human capital side in businesses. They lead, manage the support, and knows how to develop their team.


2: Processes

DOO's have the key strengths in data measurement, sharpened eye on system and processes, and know-how to effectively use this skill set to create operational efficiency. 

3: Projects

DOO's have the knowledge on how to strategically plan and develop project plans for achievement.


So why this certification program?
I'm not here to sell you on The Providers DOO™️. You make business decisions all day long and you and I both know that joining a certification group program is just a cost-benefit analysis. "How much time and money will this take, and how much time and money will I get back?"

So let's talk about that.

Here's what it's going to take:

1. You and your Office Managers total commitment. Building a scalable practice that brings in healthy profits is no small feat. I've helped many practice owners scale and it takes laser focus and commitment to doing the things outside of your comfort zone.
2. A time investment. You have to put in hours up front to get your business to a point where you're not working day and night. We call this the transition phase because you and your Office Manager will work hard to develop, learn, and solidify your working partnership.
3. A financial investment. The cost of this certification program is not cheap but it's a steal in comparison to how long and how hard you will work to get to true growth without it. Did I mention the immense amount of money you are currently leaving on the table?

Here's what you're going to get out of it:

1. Why you aren't there already. If your practice is killing it but you're burned out and over doing all the things, you don't have the right internal structure you really need.
2. Where you should invest your time and energy and where you should stop investing. No more pulling yourself in a thousand different directions and wasting resources. We're going with a clean support structure that is defined and expectations are clear.
3. No-bullshit guidance from me, Char Watson. If I believe in your practice, your potential, and your Office Managers potential, I am going to give it to you straight because I know you don't have time for dances around the bush.

Because I anticipate getting more applications for a small amount of spots, I want to be very clear who this program is for.

Please apply if:
1. You need a long-term approach to practice growth and are serious about developing a strategic partnership. No flakey commitments, no get rich-quick bullshit. This is the real deal.
2. Every Office Manager is going to be a Director Of Operations.
3. You are willing to invest time, money and mindset development into creating a foundation for growth and scalability for your practice. This means showing up, being coachable and transparent even when it's uncomfortable.
4. Your practice revenue is at least a 6-figure practice and you have at minimum of 10% profit margins.

Please don't apply if: 
1. You are short on employees. The reason why is because your Office Manager can't be busy filling in other positions and expected to grow in this role.
2. You have invested in other training and developmental programs but didn't make the time for the required work or coaching calls.
3. You are building a business on the side. There's nothing wrong with that but you will struggle to grow your practice and this new partnership if you are strapped on attention and energy.
4. You don't trust your Office Manager and/or team.



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